Magical sailing week coming up

Dear friends and followers. Time has finally come to gather a beautiful group to our first yoga and wellness retreat. So excited to spend a week with wonderful people and making new friends. Share healthy meals, practice yoga and meditation, be outdoors in great weather, good water activity, try some nice local wines and have many inspiring uplifting conversations, I’m sure.
Each day begins with a short bike ride to Golden Beach, where we start the new day with a sunrise yoga class in the sand, followed by a dip in the turquoise water before returning to a wholesome breakfast in our garden. During the day we arrange optional excursions – hiking, kayaking, wind surfing, horse riding, kite-boarding or simply exploring the fascinating history of the island in your own tempo.
At night we have another yoga class, followed by a group acupuncture or Thai massage session. The meals are locally sourced farm-to-table produce prepared with love, and a holistic view on nutrition and overall health and vitality. We’ll live near each other and anyone can join in preparing the food if one wishes. You may chill by the pool, or take off on your own to explore the island or the neighboring islands if you like. I’ve been here for a month now and feel I have only scratched the surface of what Paros offers. I am sure you’d find it equally satisfying, and probably will wish to come back sometime after our week together. The Cyclades seem to have that affect on many. There’s a magical feel to it, especially here on Paros, that many speak about, yet nobody seem to know for sure what exactly it is… I know for certain that it wasn’t just a coincidence that I ended up here.
This retreat is for a limited number of guests, we want to make this experience feel intimate and personal to all of us. Have more time and be able to give better attention to each participant. We welcome both women and men, from anywhere in the world, any age category and you can be a beginner or an experienced yogi. The focus here is not on achieving, but simply letting go of every day duties and immerse in a peaceful experience in beautiful nature – among positive, uplifting people.